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Our meetings are generally held at 7.45pm on the second Wednesday of each month. We meet at Charles Darwin University, in Blue Building 2 (see map on Membership page). Field trips are usually held the Sunday following the meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

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CDU Casuarina. Room BLUE 2.1.51

Long: 130.871353 Lat: -12.371845

November Meeting - Critters to Avoid when Enjoying the Outdoors

Wednesday 14 Nov 7:45 pm | 1.5 hours

Pesented by Nina Kurucz

Summary: In the Northern Territory, there are a number of insects of medical importance. These insects are best avoided, as their bites and stings can lead to medical conditions, with some insects also able to transmit serious diseases. This presentation discusses some of the insects of medical importance and outlines the biting insect surveillance and control programs carried out by the Medical Entomology unit of the Department of Health in the Northern Territory.

Biography: Nina Kurucz did her Masters degree in Environmental Management followed by a Masters in general ecology at Charles Darwin University, before starting a career as a Technical Officer and later as the Operations Manager at the Medical Entomology unit in Darwin in 2001. In 2013 Nina took on the role of Director of Medical Entomology, with the unit responsible for biting insect surveillance and control NT wide.

***This FREE event is organised by the NT Field Naturalists' Club and is open to members of the public. We hope to see you there.

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4 Duke St, Stuart Park NT 0820, Australia

Long: 130.841431 Lat: -12.451771

November Field Trip - Duke Street Rainforest

Saturday 17 Nov 8:30 am | 1.5 hrs

This field trip will be led by Richard Willan and caters for those Club members who have requested an ‘easy’ local field trip, a trip on a Saturday, as well as an opportunity to get to know the native trees, shrubs and weeds of the Darwin area. It will also be an opportunity to note the birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other fauna species that inhabit this unique habitat. The location is close to the heart of Darwin city.

This remnant patch of (once-magnificent) rainforest, whose composition is unique in the Darwin area, was preserved and tended by a landcare group until recently. Unfortunately Cyclone Marcus took a heavy toll and the formerly closed canopy of the forest is now extensively open allowing a lot of light to reach the forest floor. Fortunately most of the giant old trees, several of which are the largest of their kind around Darwin, survived the cyclone and the (well-intentioned) post-cyclone clean-up gangs.

Everything in the forest should be sprouting back into life now that the wet season is close. We can even do some landcare of our own by pulling out some of the more aggressive exotic weeds that threaten to smother the native plants.

Where to meet: In front of Darwin Honda on Duke Street near the intersection with Stuart Highway in Stuart Park.

What to bring: hat, water, enclosed footware, insect repellent.

Endurance scale: 2 (out of 10). Easy walk.

***This FREE event is organised by the NT Field Naturalists' Club and is open to members of the public. We hope to see you there.

Future Events

December Meeting: Wednesday 12 - Ruth Patterson, Fisheries Division
December Field Trip: Sunday 2 - Christmas party at George Brown Botanic Gardens