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December Meeting: Bream, Bombs and Butterflies - Bush Blitz of Bradshaw

Wednesday Dec 13 7:45 pm


presented by Michael Hammer.

This talk discusses the exciting outcomes from recent sampling as part of the Bush Blitz program, Australia’s largest nature discovery project. Sampling occurred in a remote and rugged part of the Northern Territory, with very restricted access, the Bradshaw Military Field Training Area in Western Top End. The focus of this presentation is on fishes, with a summary of other study groups also included.

Freshwater fishes are a significant part of aquatic biodiversity and play an important role as environmental indicators, in traditional use and culture, and in recreational and commercial activities such as fishing and the aquarium trade. Many fish species in northern Australia are poorly known owing to a remote and expansive regional setting, and new discoveries continue with ongoing survey and the advancement of research techniques.

Biography: Michael Hammer is the Curator of Fishes at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, in Darwin, with a key research focus on marine and freshwater biodiversity. Specifically this includes studies aimed at the discovery of species new to science and important to conservation and management.