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February Meeting - Wildlife CSI

Wednesday Feb 14 7:45 pm


Presented by Dr Joannah Lee

The illegal trade in wildlife is a serious and growing crime and one to which Australia is not immune. Worldwide it is thought to cost between US$10 and $20 billion dollars annually. The trafficking of birds is a known feature of the illegal trade in wildlife and, as a result of their beauty and charm, Australia’s parrots are commonly targeted. This presentation explores a number of techniques including microscopy and DNA technologies that can be utilised to assist in the investigation of instances of illegal trading in wildlife using the Glossy Black-Cockatoo (a species particularly vulnerable to poaching as a result of its rarity and as it is difficult to breed in captivity) as a model.

Joannah has been a practicing Forensic Scientist since 1998, initially with the Biology Team of the Australian Federal Police and then subsequently with the Forensic Biology Unit, Northern Territory Police. Her major cases include the Bali bombings and the Norfolk Island murder along with a range of other complex cases. She completed her PhD in Wildlife Forensics at the University of Canberra whilst leading the AFPs Biology Team and has given a variety of lectures in a range of forums.