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January Field Trip - CDU Aquaculture Centre & AusTurtle Facility

Saturday Jan 19 9:00 am

Duration: 2 hours

This facility at Charles Darwin University’s Casuarina Campus provides vocational training in tropical aquaculture. Species grown on site include Barramundi, Barcoo Grunter, Redclaw Crayfish and a variety of other species. The facility also assists in the rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles. During a tour of the facility you may see giant clams, reef fish and corals, aquaponics, hand fed large Barramundi and currently a few Hawksbills and Green seaturtles are being housed.

Daniel Costa is an aquaculture technician at the facility and has a passion for reptiles and “all things native”.

Please note there is a limit on participant numbers and preference will be given to financial club members. Book early to guarantee your place and to receive a map of the meeting place: mail@imprintdesign.com.au

What to bring: Hat, water, enclosed footwear suitable for wet floors and camera.
Endurance scale: 1 (out of 10). Very easy.


CDU - Causarina

Long: 130.868759 Lat: -12.372201