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July Field Trip: Exploring McMinns Lagoon

Sunday Jul 14 9:00 am

Duration: 2 hrs

McMinns Lagoon, situated in Darwin's rural area, approximately 35 km from the CBD, is a wonderful natural wetland habitat. It is an important feeding area for many of the Top End's iconic water birds including Black-necked Storks, White-necked Herons, pelicans and jacanas to name a few. A network of well-formed tracks also provides easy access to the savanna woodlands that surrounds most of the lagoon.

Our guide will be Judy Egan, a local resident who visits the lagoon every morning. Those who follow the Club's facebook page will also be familiar with Judy's excellent wildlife photographs of birds and insects. Come, join us for a relaxing stroll through this reserve as we explore it in search of the many birds plus a few other surprises that Judy might have for us.

For those not in a hurry to leave, the well maintained, shaded picnic area overlooking the lagoon is the ideal place to meet after the walk to share some nibbles and discuss the morning's walk.

Where to meet: in the reserve's carpark at the end of Dreamtime Drive.

What to bring: camera, binoculars, hat, sun protection, water (and nibbles if you're staying after the walk).

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Carpark at the end of Dreamtime Drive

Long: 131.083481 Lat: -12.550901