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June Field Trip - Nocturnal Walk at Fogg Dam

Saturday Jun 15 6:30 pm

Duration: 2 Hours

Come along to watch the sunset over the dam and then join us for a night time exploration of Fogg Dam with Heather Boulden and Jeremy Hemphill who have been longtime passionate advocates for promoting the areas history and conservations as an important biodiversity habitat.

Where: Meet at the Fogg Dam Rotunda, on the right hand side before the dam wall. Parking is available opposite the Rotunda. A brief introduction about the dam will be given before the walk.

What to bring: Enclosed footwear, torch, insect repellent and water. Camera optional.

Walking Route: This will depend on conditions at the time but is likely to be along the roadway and Woodland to Waterlily Walk.

Special Information: Because crocodiles inhabit the dam, the almost two km long causeway is closed to walking but there are two viewing platforms and, midway, a parking area. Also, when driving along Anzac Parade at night, please be careful as the roadway is often used by barn owls (Tyto alba), bush stone curlews (Burhinidae grallarius) and snakes.