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June Meeting - Climate causes crab crunches in the Gulf

Wednesday Jun 13 7:45 pm

Duration: 1.5 hours

Presented by Mark Grubert

The size of fish and crustacean stocks are affected by several factors, including fishing and environmental factors. It is generally recognised that barramundi numbers increase and decrease in response to high and low rainfall, respectively. Mud crab stocks commonly follow similar patterns, but the rainfall is not the only factor influencing the catch rate of mud crabs. This talk summarises how mud crab stocks in the Western Gulf of Carpentaria have undergone several “crunches’ over the past 20 years and explains some of the reasons as to why. Other brief notes include the offshore spawning migration of female mud crabs and the rise of the “Fast and the Furious: Orange Mud Crab”.

Mark Grubert has around 20 years’ experience in fisheries and aquaculture research in several jurisdictions. He has worked with the NT Mud Crab Fishery for almost 12 years, on projects such as the use of escape vents in crab traps and the assessment of juvenile crab numbers using modified traps. Mark also has a strong interest in oceanography, and hopes to improve our knowledge of how oceanographic processes influence the success of tropical fish and crustacean fisheries, particularly in the Gulf of Carpentaria.


CDU Casuarina. Room BLUE 2.1.51

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