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October Meeting - Experience Wild Sri Lanka

Wednesday Oct 11 6:45 pm

Duration: 1.5 hours

In 2016 a Sri Lankan tour company asked Mike and Jenny Jarvis if they would consider bringing ‘Experience the Wild’ birding tours to Sri Lanka. Their response was ‘sure, but we have never been there, so would have to experience a bird tour in Sri Lanka ourselves first’.

Arrangements were made and Jenny and Mike enjoyed a private 15 day tour of this paradisiac island with one of their most experienced guides in January this year. They read a few books on Sri Lankan wildlife and history in anticipation of the tour. All their expectations were exceeded! They were thrilled with the biodiversity of wildlife and habitats, and delighted to find that the Sri Lankan people value their wild places and have preserved a large portion of their island with minimal interference from man. Sri Lanka is roughly the size of Tasmania and has the population of all of Australia. Despite this there are over 500 protected areas in the form of national parks and nature reserves.

Since the civil war ended in 2009 Sri Lanka is now a safe place to visit, people are friendly and the infrastructure to accommodate visitors is for the most part good and improving.

Club meetings are open to the public and are an ideal place to meet others who have an interest in the natural environment.

Photo: Ceylon Blue Magpie supplied by Mike Jarvis


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