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If you would like to discover, learn and share in the wonders of the Top End's fauna, flora and natural environment, you have come to the right place.

We are fortunate to have a Territory with large and relatively intact natural landscapes. Within minutes of our homes we can be out enjoying bushland with its fauna and flora. Our gardens are visited by or are a home to diverse species of wildlife. These experiences would be the envy of those who live in most other Australian cities. Darwin hosts a number of agencies and world class scientists who undertake quality research into the Northern Territory's natural environments and ecology. We also have individuals who through years of dedicated observations and personal research have gained great insight into our natural world. As a member of the NT Field Naturalists' Club Inc. you will have an opportunity to meet some of these passionate people and to learn and share observations about this great backyard of ours. We invite you to explore our website and learn a little more about us. If you are inspired by what you see, you would be welcome to attend one of our meetings or perhaps tag along on one of our field trips.