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Other Like Minded Groups in the Northern Territory

Alice Springs Field Naturalists Club

A group of people of all ages, interested in the natural world. Many of the group are experts in particular fields: geology, fauna, and flora. All are keen both to learn and to share their particular knowledge with others.

Environment Centre NT

The peak community sector environment organisation in the Northern Territory, Australia. The Environment Centre NT has been working to protect the environment since 1983.

NT Landcare

Landcare is a national network of thousands of locally-based community groups who care for the natural resources of our country.

Top End Native Plant Society

A group of people who share a common interest in conserving, learning about and growing native plants in the Top End of the Northern Territory, Australia.

Wildcare NT

Wildcare Inc NT is a non-profit wildlife care and rescue organisation in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia, which provides a support network for carers of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.


Friends Of Casuarina Coastal Reserve

The Casuarina Coastal Reserve Landcare Group manage a reveg. plot in the dunes just past the end of Daribah Road and another one on the edge of the forest near the boardwalk track from Rocklands Drive to the carpark at the end of Daribah Road.

Friends of Mitchell Creek Catchment

The group engages with local schools, off road sporting bodies, local developers and Crown Land Office to provide input to make new subdivision design and construction more in balance with the natural environment.

Friends of Fogg Dam

Friends of Fogg Dam began from a community meeting in October 2006 and the group became an incorporated body in 2007. Our vision is to put Fogg Dam on the map and in the hearts and minds of people.

Flora & Fauna Identification:

TENPS: Wildflowers of the Top End

An Identification Aid to Top End Flora Using Flower Colour Galleries

Birdlife: Find A Bird

BirdLife Australia has an encyclopaedic knowledge of native birds that forms one of the world’s largest databases of its kind.

Mangrove Identification by MangroveWatch

This illustrated key identifies all 41 of Australia’s mangroves using a series of paired statements that compare diagnostic characters.

Animals by OzAnimals

The OzAnimals Australian wildlife site presents photos and information covering a wide range of animals from Australia including mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fish and spiders.

Mobile Field Guide App

The app was put together by the Territory’s leading scientists, images and sounds from the MAGNT collection as well as from external photographers and volunteers. It was developed in collaboration with Museum Victoria and the app now exists for every state and territory.

Plants of Casuarina Coastal Reserve (.pdf)

This guide is designed to allow people to familiarise themselves with some of the more common and distinctive plants of Casuarina Coastal Reserve.

Snakes of Darwin (.pdf)

A photographic guide to snakes of Darwin.

Plant Identifications

The Northern Territory Herbarium provides a plant identification service as well as information and advice on NT flora. These services are free to the public and organisations where the use is for non-commercial purposes.

Government Organisations

NT Department of Land Resource Management

Department of Health - mosquito calendar

Mosquito pest period calendar.

Department of Health - midges calendar

Mangrove biting midges calendar.

NT Parks and Wildlife

CDU School of Environment



Use CyberTracker on a Smartphone for any type of GPS field data collection.


PaDIL – High quality images and Information tools designed for Biosecurity and Biodiversity.

Department of Agriculture Biosecurity

Biosecurity is a critical part of the government's efforts to prevent, respond to and recover from pests and diseases that threaten the economy and env​ironment. The department works to ensure continued market access for our products and to maintain our high standards for emergency response.

NT Fisheries Biosecurity

The Northern Territory Government is working with industry and community groups to prevent the introduction of aquatic pests into Northern Territory waters.

Listserves/Online Groups:

Bird sightings in the Top End

This is a restricted group.

Other Field Naturalists clubs in Australia

Australian Naturalists Network registered clubs

ANN is a network of Field Naturalists Clubs and other natural history groups from around Australia.